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Thousand-Layer Cake

April 1, 2014
Spekkoek Indonesian Cake

I don’t have to tell you that I am a huge fan of Asian food. I love the ‘beautiful’ Thai food. The Thai seem to be always able to put something on a plate that not only tastes great, but looks smashing as well. Its cuisine consists of colorful fresh ingredients which don’t need a lot of time to prepare or simmer.

asian food rooftop table restaurant comares axarquia
Then there is the Indonesian cuisine. You could say it looks more smashed than smashing, but don’t let the appearance fool you. Indonesian braised meats, marinated satay and tender stews, like Rendang Daging and Babi Ketjap simmers for hours in a pot packed with oriental spices, before it lands on your plate. One bite of these dishes will have you reeling with all the intense flavors! However Indonesian cuisine needs some attention and dedication.

Up until now we have served the more well-known Indonesian dishes like Satay, Rendang Daging, Sajoer Boontjes, Telor Besengek and Nasi Goreng at our Rooftop Table dinners. But I’m thinking of serving some less known dishes as well this season;

One of them is Spekkoek.

Talking about some more attention and dedication. With this Indonesian layered cake each layer is placed on top of each other and with each layer it is baked. And again, and again. Some of these cakes will count up to more than 20 layers! You’ll almost need to get yourself a chair and sit in front of the oven to watch each of the cake’s layers bake. Because if you walk away from it…..dang! The whole thing burns and you have to start all over again.

The name “spekkoek” initially doesn’t sound very enticing: “spek” means bacon or fat, and “koek” means cake. Fat cake or bacon cake just doesn’t have that sounds like you want to drop everything you’re doing and get yourself a slice. Or two.

But like I said earlier, don’t be fooled by in this case the name of this Indonesian food. In spite of the unfortunate name it is really  taste bud-teasing delicious.

Cream and sugared peanuts topping anyone?

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