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Miracle Plant

July 27, 2012
Aloe Vera

I remember what a hassle it was to get this prickly plant home. I had to buckle it up but it still swayed from left to right, pricking my arm while driving the curvy roads to our house.

prickly plant

During the last Rooftop Table I got badly burned while frying chicken. Right away I had two large blisters. As I was in the middle of preparing the main dish, I just quickly rubbed an icecube over the burn. After serving the main dish I asked our guests if they knew off a remedy. Our Argentinian friend Luis told me that back home they use Aloe Vera leaf and I suddenly remembered the first time I was at my friend Trudy’s house on Formentera. I got badly sunburned and they put Aloe Vera leaves on it.

Luis showed me how to cut and prepare the leaves and told me to put a leaf in the fridge to cool it. It is a relief every time I put the cold gooey Aloe Vera stuff on the burn marks.

So this prickly plant that first hurt me in the car, turns out to be a healing plant as well!

Aloe Vera

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