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Limoncello 3 Glasses
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Easy Limoncello

As lemons are growing in abundance in the Axarquia at the moment, let’s make a simple lemon liqueur. I have read somewhere that you may only call this lemon liqueur Limoncello, if it is made with lemons from Sorrento. I guess it’s similar to calling Champagne…

January 9, 2016
Caipirinha Glasses and Limes
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Caipirinha: The Ultimate Summer Cocktail

When I think of Caipirinhas, I think of the Galápagos Islands. Yes, I know  the Caipirinha cocktail originates from Brasil,  but the Galapagos Islands residents make a caipirinha that will put hairs on your chest. There are several popular bars in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island…

July 24, 2015
Loquat Liqueur with Ice
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Loquat Liqueur

This is one delicious treat! Drink this, iced in a glass, or serve it very cold in shooter glasses after your dinner party. You can use the soaked and boozy fruit you are left with in desserts. Loquat Season #loquats #loquatseason #seasonalfruit #foodpic #foodblog #foodie…

May 17, 2015
Dutch Specialities
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I made some Boerenjongens today. Boerenjongens translates into Farm boys in English and is a traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage. Ingredients are raisins, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and brandy. Lots of brandy. As we were asked to participate in the Multicultural Festival of Comares on September…

September 4, 2012
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I see them dangling already on the trees like huge green wrinkled eggs as I drive down through the tropical valley where Salto de Negro, Benamargosa and Triana are situated. Avocados. You can use them in salads, on top of a burger or to…

July 9, 2012