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Lava Cake Rectangular Plate
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Chocolate Surprise

Many years ago I walked the ‘the trip of 12 mountains’ in Sulawesi, the octopus shaped island of Indonesia. I walked it with a Dutch guy and a Toraja, as people from this area of Sulawesi are called. We crossed these mountains with only…

November 24, 2013
Guests at Rooftop Table
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Rooftop Table Season has almost come to an end. The last dinner wil be tomorrow and it is an extra one on special request. We had a wonderful season. We met a lot of new people, enjoyed delicious food and good wine, had celebrations,…

September 23, 2013
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Crazy about Coconuts

Rooftop Table season is almost here. June 7th will be the first Rooftop Table and like last season we start with an Asian theme where I will cook two of my signature dishes. The first one is Nasi Goreng and Chicken Satay with the…

May 30, 2013
Dutch Specialities
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I made some Boerenjongens today. Boerenjongens translates into Farm boys in English and is a traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage. Ingredients are raisins, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and brandy. Lots of brandy. As we were asked to participate in the Multicultural Festival of Comares on September…

September 4, 2012
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I see them dangling already on the trees like huge green wrinkled eggs as I drive down through the tropical valley where Salto de Negro, Benamargosa and Triana are situated. Avocados. You can use them in salads, on top of a burger or to…

July 9, 2012
Thai Corn Soup
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Our first Rooftop Table was wonderful. We had 9 guests representing five nationalities, good food and drinks and a breathtaking starry night sky. The menu had an Asian theme and especially the Thai Sweet Corn Soup was a total hit! This Khao Pod as…

June 21, 2012
rooftop table restaurant comares axarquia
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Rooftop Table opens its doors on June 20th

On June 20th Rooftop Table will open its doors for the first time for an evening of fine dining and enjoying company. Rooftop Table is a weekly Wednesday evening Table d’ hôte where we open up our rooftop terrace and dinner table to paying…

June 6, 2012
Loquat Onion Chutney
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It’s a Níspero world

When I came to live in Spain, I never heard of Loquat fruit or Nispero as it’s called here in Spain. My first encounter with this fruit was buying a jar of Loquat jam at a farmer’s market here in Southern Spain. I was…

June 5, 2012