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Loquat Liqueur with Ice
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Loquat Liqueur

This is one delicious treat! Drink this, iced in a glass, or serve it very cold in shooter glasses after your dinner party. You can use the soaked and boozy fruit you are left with in desserts. Loquat Season #loquats #loquatseason #seasonalfruit #foodpic #foodblog #foodie…

May 17, 2015
Aloe Vera
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Miracle Plant

I remember what a hassle it was to get this prickly plant home. I had to buckle it up but it still swayed from left to right, pricking my arm while driving the curvy roads to our house. During the last Rooftop Table I…

July 27, 2012
Lobo Park
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Wolf Crazy

We had a wolf-crazy-friend over last week. Wolf books, wolf tees, wolf tattoo and I wouldn’t be surprised if she watches Dances with Wolves, Never Cry Wolf and the Grey at least once a week. That kind of wolf crazy. So, when we decided…

June 28, 2012
Baby Swallows in nest
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I love them! At our house they are flying and chasing each other like little black and white rockets. They suddenly dive down and skim over the pool to take a sip of water. In Comares at the Coviran supermarket I discovered this nest…

June 15, 2012
Andalucía Blog Flora & Fauna

Star Trek Tree

A few days ago I was driving ‘down’ to Velez Malaga. Suddenly my eyes caught a purple blur above the mango trees. A giant purple tree. Beam me up Scotty. Remember the Star Trek episodes of the 60’s, where Kirk sets foot on a…

June 14, 2012
Loquat Onion Chutney
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It’s a Níspero world

When I came to live in Spain, I never heard of Loquat fruit or Nispero as it’s called here in Spain. My first encounter with this fruit was buying a jar of Loquat jam at a farmer’s market here in Southern Spain. I was…

June 5, 2012