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Limoncello 3 Glasses
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Easy Limoncello

As lemons are growing in abundance in the Axarquia at the moment, let’s make a simple lemon liqueur. I have read somewhere that you may only call this lemon liqueur Limoncello, if it is made with lemons from Sorrento. I guess it’s similar to calling Champagne…

January 9, 2016
Indonesion Gazpacho Shooters
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Indonesian Gazpacho Shooters

The Indonesian archipelago. One of my favorite destinations. Not only because of the exceptionally nice people and their ancient culture, but also because of their food. I grew up with a lot of Indonesian and Moluccan friends and most of their mothers cooked the most amazing…

April 1, 2015
Girl Headset
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Chill Beats

Every dinner party needs music. At least in my opinion. You can have great food and nice guests, it will be a better dinner party if there is a playlist full of lounge or easy listening beats. Make sure the playlist is long enough…

March 16, 2015
Spekkoek Indonesian Cake
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Thousand-Layer Cake

I don’t have to tell you that I am a huge fan of Asian food. I love the ‘beautiful’ Thai food. The Thai seem to be always able to put something on a plate that not only tastes great, but looks smashing as well.…

April 1, 2014
Lava Cake Rectangular Plate
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Chocolate Surprise

Many years ago I walked the ‘the trip of 12 mountains’ in Sulawesi, the octopus shaped island of Indonesia. I walked it with a Dutch guy and a Toraja, as people from this area of Sulawesi are called. We crossed these mountains with only…

November 24, 2013
Guests at Rooftop Table
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Rooftop Table Season has almost come to an end. The last dinner wil be tomorrow and it is an extra one on special request. We had a wonderful season. We met a lot of new people, enjoyed delicious food and good wine, had celebrations,…

September 23, 2013