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September 4, 2012
Dutch Specialities

I made some Boerenjongens today. Boerenjongens translates into Farm boys in English and is a traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage. Ingredients are raisins, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and brandy. Lots of brandy. As we were asked to participate in the Multicultural Festival of Comares on September 15th, and represent your country with some typical drink or food, I thought it would be nice to make something typical Dutch but with a Spanish twist.


Although it is an original Dutch recipe, Andalucía and Axarquía are famous for their raisins. If you follow the Ruta de la Pasa (Route of the Raisins) in the right season, you will see the grapes drying in their ‘paseros’. Comares is part of this route and El Borge as well. The latther is even called Capital of the Raisins and the village has a Fiesta for the raisins, called Dia de la Pasa, every September.

So I made some Boerenjongens today. In Spanish ‘licor de pasas en aguardiente’. That sounds boring. I might just call it Chicos de Campo.

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